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  • Employee Focus

    jack  At Liberty Bishop, one of the most unique things about our company is that we provide a personalised service that centres on ‘people not portals’.  Sticking with our motto, we want to show you the people behind the telephone that you speak to regularly. Of course we aren’t taking this too seriously, as you will see from the [...] read more

  • Radical New Powers for HMRC

    hmrc_1903558b_2455200bIt’s estimated that as many as 17,000 people a year could have their bank accounts accessed by HMRC in a bid to recover unpaid tax, under new rules that could take effect as early as 2015. The new powers will allow HMRC to seize money owed in unpaid tax, and HMRC would be able to [...] read more

  • Know the due diligence process that will help you avoid the upcoming penalties

    semsWe held a seminar ‘Onshore, Offshore…Be Sure!’ at Barclay’s London HQ, One Churchill Place 4th April. The speakers: Wesley Scott, Liberty Bishop Contractors Service’s Business Development Director and Robert Burton, HMRC’s senior policy advisor. Presentation Suite Two was packed by many high level recruitment directors. Wesley set the scene with grave awareness of how contractors [...] read more

  • Employee Focus

    katie knapman  It’s that time again already! For the month of March we are going to be shining the light on one of our business developers. Sticking with our motto ‘people not portals’, we want to show you the people behind the telephone that you speak to regularly. Of course we aren’t taking this too seriously, as you [...] read more

  • Guide to Contracting in Germany

    germany 1Known for being Europe’s largest economy and the fifth largest in the world, Germany has become a   popular location for contracting. Certain industries such as IT, engineering and manufacturing provide lucrative work for those looking to freelance in another country. As your contract start date draws closer, no doubt you’ll have a to-do list with [...] read more

  • The Benefits of Continued Employment in Later Years

    older worker While some people embrace their retirement years, many people find that they struggle to know what to do with all the extra time on their hands. Many find that they become more inactive, and with that inactivity comes a sense of boredom, which can cause someone who’s usually vibrant and active to become lethargic and [...] read more