How does it work?

How does our self-employed solution for Belgium work?

Belgium is the central hub of Europe as well as the headquarters of many major international organisations. As a prosperous and cosmopolitan centre of commerce and culture, it offers plenty of contract opportunities.

Liberty Bishop provides a self-employed model for contractors working in Belgium, via our trusted local accountant partners.

Our solution engages you as self-employed, provided you meet the following criteria:
Your assignment exceeds 3 months, with the intention to go beyond 6 months, you must provide a copy of your education degree linked to your job role and finally you must have a fixed address in Belgium. The authorities will refuse to register anyone as self-employed if staying in temporary accommodation (eg. hotel).

Our Service

"Ensuring compliance and excellent customer service"

Registration and ongoing compliance

  • Registration with the Belgian commune/city.

  • We ensure registration with tax and social security authorities.

  • Assist with registering with the VAT authorities.

  • We provide quarterly VAT returns and annual tax return.

  • Offsetting legitimate 'professional' expenses.

  • We provide invoicing and payroll management.

Benefits of our service

  • Dedicated account manager working on your behalf throughout your time with us

  • Providing straight forward and simple communication

  • Full end-to-end service covering all aspects of invoicing, expenses, payroll management and tax declaration

  • Highly competitive margins

  • No long-term commitment required; ours is a fully-flexible pay-as-you-go service

Are you weighing up your options to contract overseas?
Feel free to contact us and we'll happily assist with your queries.

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