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Frequently Asked Questions


We’ve put together a section to help answer your FAQs.  If you still cannot find the answer to any of your queries or would like us to go into more detail, then don’t hesitate to call us.  We’re always happy to hear from you.


I have already started a contract in Germany and haven't got an umbrella company - Is that a problem?

There can be penalties involved if you fail to register in Germany upon your arrival. You should visit the local tax office and inform them of your arrival and work arrangements as soon as possible.

Where will I pay my Taxes and Social Security?

We will deduct and pay your overseas Tax and Social Secuirty directly to the German authorities.

Can I claim expenses to reduce the tax I pay overseas?

Yes. You can claim allowable business expenses to reduce the tax payable on your income. Expense claim forms should be submitted when you send us your timesheets. Our payroll team will review any claims that you make and tax relief will be provided each time we process your pay.

Are your fees tax deductible?

Yes. You do not need to claim these on your expense claim forms. Tax relief is automatically provided on your fees, insurance and any bank charges.

I currently have my own limited company and am not comfortable with dealing with the overseas tax authorities. Can I use your Umbrella Company just for my overseas contract?

Yes. You can simply join our Umbrella Company and use our services for your overseas contract. You can still contract through your existing limited company if you have another contract elsewhere.

Am I tied in to your Umbrella Company?

No. You can join and leave at any time. There are no joining or leaving fees and our weekly fees are only charged whilst you're actually working.

Can I receive dividends from your Umbrella Company?

No. The income you receive from our umbrella company will be in the form of salary and allowable expenses. Employees of our umbrella company cannot own shares and therefore cannot receive dividends.  

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