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How does our International Umbrella Company Solution for Ireland work?


Despite the recent economic downturn, Ireland’s knowledge-based economy continues to offer contracting opportunities within various industry sectors, and due to its close proximity to the UK, it remains a popular contracting destination for freelancers.

Liberty Bishop provides an employed payroll model for contractors working in Ireland, a UK company registered in Ireland for Irish PAYE tax and PRSI (Pay Related Social Insurance).



Service Overview

"Ensuring compliance and excellent customer service"

Registration and ongoing compliance 

  • We register you as an employee of our Irish umbrella company

  • We assist in ensuring that you’re correctly registered in Ireland and obtain a PPS Number and an Irish Income Tax Card.

  • We deduct Irish PAYE tax and PRSI from your earnings each time we process payments to you

  • We complete monthly online returns for you via the ROS (the Irish Revenue Online Service)

  • We complete an end of year P60 for you and also file a P35 and P35L to confirm all your earnings, tax and PRSI payments

Benefits of our service 

  • Dedicated account manager working on your behalf throughout your time with us

  • All of the security and simplicity of being an employee

  • Full end-to-end service covering all aspects of invoicing, expenses, payroll management and tax declaration

  • Highly competitive margins

  • No long-term commitment required; ours is a fully-flexible pay-as-you-go service

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