How Does It Work?

How does our International Umbrella Company Solution for Sweden work?

Sweden is vast country with a small population and a booming economy. Investment flows in, well-engineered and specialist goods flow out, and it continues to grow as global player in a spectrum of technology markets. For these reasons and more, Sweden is a very attractive place for contractors, freelancers, and the self-employed to seek work.

Our solution is registered with the Skatteverket, permitting us to hire temporary workers in Sweden. The company provides contract workers with a solution that is headache-free and fully compliant with local tax and Social Security requirements.

Our solution engages you as an employee through our Swedish umbrella company. 

Service Overview

"Ensuring compliance and excellent customer service"

Registration and ongoing compliance 

  • We ensure our employees are registered for Swedish ID Number and SA-Tax.

  • We ensure that taxes and social security payments are correctly deducted from wages.

  • SA-Tax is paid separately to the ‘tax account’ and is identified by the employee’s Swedish ID number.

  • We complete a monthly SKV-4700 return for all employees as requested by Skatteverket.

  • We will complete and produce an SKV-2311 and SKV-2301 (End of Year Certificate) at the end of the tax year (A copy supplied to each employee).

Benefits of our service

  • Dedicated account manager working on your behalf throughout your time with us.

  • All of the security and simplicity of being an employee.

  • Full end-to-end service covering all aspects of invoicing, expenses, payroll management and tax declaration.

  • Highly competitive margins.

  • No long-term commitment required; ours is a fully-flexible pay-as-you-go service.

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