How Does It Work?

How does our International Umbrella Company Solution for The Netherlands Work?


The Netherlands was a founding member of the EU and on a per capita basis is also one of the world’s richest nations. With a strong and open economy, The Netherlands thrives on foreign trade and expertise delivered by a workforce with high numbers of non-nationals.

Liberty Bishop provides an employed payroll model for The Netherlands, a UK-based Limited company registered with the Dutch authorities (Belastingdienst) for Dutch Wage Tax and social security alongside registration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

Service Overview

"Ensuring compliance and excellent customer service"

Registration and ongoing compliance

  • We register you as an employee of our Dutch umbrella company

  • We assist you in obtaining a BSN (social security number)

  • Should it be appropriate, we complete application forms for the 30% Ruling Allowance for you

  • We make monthly declarations to Belastingdienst for Dutch Wage Tax and Dutch social security on your behalf

  • We issue quarterly compliance statements for each employee demonstrating correct payment of all taxes and reflect this in end of year certificates

  • Based on contract length, we deduct appropriate amounts to ensure compliance with Dutch pension legislation

  • Should your client require, we can facilitate payments directly through to our G-Account (a secure tax holding account that only the Dutch authorities can access)

Benefits of our service 

  • Dedicated account manager working on your behalf throughout your time with us

  • All of the security and simplicity of being an employee

  • Full end-to-end service covering all aspects of invoicing, expenses, payroll management and tax declaration

  • Highly competitive margins

  • No long-term commitment required; ours is a fully-flexible pay-as-you-go service

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