What is an umbrella company?


An umbrella company operates as an employer of contractors, providing them with all of the securities associated with employment whilst also simplifying their tax affairs by enabling them to pay tax through the PAYE (Pay-As-You-Earn) system and receive their net retention (take home pay) directly into their personal bank account.

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Why would you choose an umbrella company?

Liberty Bishop’s umbrella company takes the hassle out of contracting. When using the umbrella company, it becomes our responsibility to ensure that you are taxed correctly and to provide you with all of the security of being an employee under a contract of employment. All of the administrative responsibility of running your own company is taken away from you when you’re not running your own company and are instead someone else’s employee! 

Key Benefits of our Umbrella Company solution:

What Liberty Bishop provides for you


  • Security of being an employee.
  • Payment under PAYE (so no end of year tax liabilities to worry about).
  • All inclusive standard insurance coverage 



  • Reduced administration.
  • Dedicated account manager at Liberty Bishop to ensure that you are paid promptly and correctly.

We are proud to provide a service that has 20 years’ worth of HMRC compliancy.

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